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    2059 Glenwood Driver

    Wellsville, NY 14895


    Phone: 585-593-3651


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About Kristen

Born and raised in Wellsville, NY my world has always been rural and nature based. I see a lot of what God has created all around me and want to try my best to capture it the way I see for others to view.

I grew up seeing my father with a SLR camera at almost every event and occasion. I love looking through all the pictures he has taken over the years. Ever since I can remember I have loved taking pictures. Although they may not have always been "perfect" they were fun to take and enjoy.

I am a photographer. I try not to label it any farther than that because I love photographing all kinds of people, places, animals, and things. I also dabble in non "traditional" art work. I like to use unusual mediums to create a piece that I like and something I would (and often do) display on my walls. I generally work with an extreme low budget so I use a lot of "junk" or donated items for my works.


I have lived just south of Wellsville all my life. I take many of my photos within a mile of my home, some of which include beautiful pictures of our pond, amazing forest shots, and other daily photography opportunities. I would love to travel just about anywhere especially these United States of the Canadian Territories


Sample of Work

"Passing by the Pink Lady"

Eleanor Cott

"Eternal Warrior" 2010 Best in Show Winner WAA Member's Show Beautiful Tiger

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